The Crucible Summary

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Reverend Parris is the father of Betty Parris and the Uncle to Abigail Williams. In the opening scene, he catches both girls, including some others dancing in the woods. This was very forbidden during this time because of the threat of witchcraft. The next day Betty starts acting very strange and they start to assume it’s witchcraft. Especially once they question Tituba and she admits to being a witch. Thomas Putnam was born as the oldest son of the richest man in town. The main reason why the Putnam’s do not get along with Reverend Parris is because Thomas Putnam wanted his brother-in-law to become minister of Salem because he knew of all the power that would come with that. His brother-in-law met all of the qualifications and even…show more content…
She was a part of the faction that prevented Thomas Putnam’s brother from becoming the minister of the town. The Putnam’s are very upset about this and Mrs. Putnam also accuses Rebecca of murder. Rebecca is also upset at Reverend Parris because he refuses to preach to the children, even though they seem to be possessed by the devil. She also doesn’t support Parris’ idea to bring Reverend Hale to Salem to help with the witchcraft because she believes that it will send the whole town into arguments and thinking that something is seriously wrong. She believes it would be better to just pray and let the doctor try and save Betty. Once Hale does arrive at the scene and wants to start removing the Devil from the girls, Rebecca leaves because she doesn’t want to be in there to watch the children suffer. The other people in the room feel hatred towards her lack of moral support.

Reverand Hale begins to question Abby, who denies everything. Mrs. Putnam brings in Tituba and once Abby sees her, she blames everything on Tituba. Once the they get Tituba to admit that she is a witch, they give her all kinds of attention and ask her if there are any other witches in Salem. Once Abigail sees that Tituba has all of this power she wants to jump in on it too so she tells them that she is a witch as well and starts naming off other people in the town that are witches. Betty who has been acting like she’s asleep
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