The Crucible: The Puritans During The Shakespearean Era

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“Background of The Crucible: The Puritans”
Origins of The Puritans
Who the Puritans were: “a group organized in England” during the Shakespearean era (1600s)
Why were they organized: they thought the Church of England was too absurd and wanted to reform it
“Purity”: the lifestyle they needed in their own lives
Difference between Pilgrims and Puritans
Pilgrims: a person who’s taken a journey
Settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts
“Reform the church by separating”
“Individual responsibility”
Settled in Boston, Massachusetts
“Reform the church”
“Community responsibility”
“Conditions in 1692”
“No governor”or leader, no actual laws, no official documents
This led to attacks from other people (“Native Americans and French”)

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