The Dangers Of Cyberbullying In The 21st Century

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America in the 21st century has changed a significant amount over the course of twenty years. From the introduction of cell phones, to the ability to access the internet from anywhere in the world, human technology is more modern and advanced than ever before. But, with these new technologies comes ways to take advantage of them and misuse them. Whether behind a computer screen at home or on a mobile device at school, teenagers use these electronics as a tool for bullying. The term “Cyberbullying” is described as “aggressive, intentional, repeated acts using mobile phones, computers (including emails and Facebook), or other electronic media against victims who cannot easily defend themselves” (Reinberg 1). These victims are vulnerable at any…show more content…
According to the Health Researching Fund, three million teens are absent from school each month because they fear bullies. Attending classes becomes increasingly harder to do, since a teenager’s Cyberbully could be in one of their classes, waiting to pick on them in school too. Brenden McCarthy reports that “When the threat of physical harm is the motive of Cyberbullying or any other online communication, it’s criminal” (McCarthy 2). It is indescribable how painful these online attacks can be, and nobody really knows the true feeling of being powerless until being planted at the other end of a Cyberbully. There is not just mental pain, but physical pain brought onto some victims, which is why Cyberbullying is criminal, and should be taken very seriously. The Cyberbullies words are like bullets; each one damaging its victim in every way possible, in every aspect. These harsh comments follow the victims everywhere they go, and affect every part of their life. Performance at school decreases due to a lack in motivation, the victim will lose sight of their family and want to be alone, they don’t want friends around, and they just want it to stop. The effects of being Cyberbullied put a damper on a teenager’s everyday life, and can suffocate them until they are left…show more content…
Cyberbullying affects teenagers in many ways; from losing self-confidence and motivation, separating from family and friends, depression, and in the most extreme cases, committing suicide. Although Cyberbullying might make the bully feel good, and give them the confidence they need, it doesn't make up for the pain and frustration that is brought onto the helpless victims of these hostile attacks. As the world becomes more modernized, and the technology becomes more advanced, Cyberbullying will become easier to do because every teenager will be using the internet. The only way to prevent Cyberbullying and to hide from it is to put the cell phones down, log out of the computer, and turn off the tablets. Although teenagers are dependent on their technology for many reasons, taking a break from technology might be a positive step for the future of

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