The Dangers Of Odysseus Journey

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In Odysseus journey he faces great dangers, and in order to succeed in his quest to get back to Ithaca he must be brave. His men look up to him, whether or no they are in a situation Odysseus does or does not know how to handle he will assuage his men by being brave even in the face of danger. To emphasize, when Odysseus and his men arrived at Circe’s island, also know as Aeaea, he divides his his men into two groups and he sends one group, led by Eurylochus, to explore the island. His men stop at Circe’s house, an enchantress, Eurylochus warns the men not to go in but they saw no harm, they go in and Circe drugs the men and turn them into swines. Eurylochus horrified went to tell Odysseus they should leave the island immediately. Odysseus

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