Teen Gangs Essay

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Teen Gangs
“Reports show that gangs are present in every state in the US, where in 1970 they existed in less than half of all states” (Lohmann). Teen gangs are started around the ages of 14 and 15. When teenagers get into a gang, he or she usually gets into the gang to make themselves look resilient or try to blend in, in account of problems at home or simply if one does not feel loved. Teen gangs are becoming a problem in the United States and the effects of these gangs are unnecessary youth deaths, alcohol and drug abuse, in addition to young teenage boys becoming another statistic in today’s society.
Teen gangs are dangerous for teens owing to the fact, as it is an easy way for one to get on an inauspicious path to life. Some people say teen gangs are not dangerous seeing that it can help teens who feel helpless and need love. Others consider teen gangs dangerous because it can cause teens to end up dead or in jail. Formerly, examples were given regarding why people think teenage gangs are robust and unfavorable as well as why teenagers get into gangs, moreover the information is going to be provided for one to tell if his or her child is involved in a gang.
If one wants to truly find out if his or her child is in a gang, one should pay attention to his or her child 's appearance. Teens that are affiliated with gangs usually wear the color of his or her gang. A suitable example of this statement are the gangs known as ‘Blood and Crips”. Bloods, also known as OBF
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