The Definition Of Motivation In The Movie Coach Carter

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“Motivation supports leaders to achieve the objectives through goal-oriented characteristics and pushes individuals to work hard at achieving the highlighted goals. “ Is the definition of motivation according to (Anon., 2012)
According to (Carter.D, 2007) there are two primary types of motivation; extrinsic and intrinsic. In the movie coach carter, Coach Ken Carter uses intrinsic motivation as he is motivated and driven by his passion for basketball. Ken Carter is also intrinsically motivated because he wants to make a difference at Richmond High and help the students so that they can have a bright future ahead of them.
Carter had an intrinsic motivation because he truthfully cared about his job and his players. Carter worried more about motivating his team to achieve their goals, than gaining external rewards. Carter doesn’t pressure them into winning however he does make it clear that he expects them to perform better than the previous season.
It was a seemingly impossible task for Coach Carter to motivate the team and help them achieve excellence but for coach Carter is was almost perfect because he was motivated to help the team become more disciplined, more respectable, and cooperative and an overall better team. Coach Carter endeavoured to motivate his team by using multiple techniques. According to (Anon., n.d.) He used methods such as: 1.Encouragement, 2. Discouragement, 3.Second chances, 4.Teamwork, 5.Punishment, 6. Respect, 7. Commitment, 8. History, 9.

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