The Destruction Of A Negative Body Image

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Media is comprised of the many ways society communicates. Some examples of different types of mediums are television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet. The increase of media access has had many positive impacts on the world today. However, in addition to the positive impacts caused by the media and the increase of media access, there have also been many negative impacts. For example, as media access has increased through the years, the public’s opinions of their bodies have become increasingly negative. When having a negative body image or high body dissatisfaction, one believes their body is inadequate. Because the media has recently been promoting an extremely specific body type only a few are able to obtain, an increasing number of people are viewing their own bodies as unsatisfactory. The two aspects of media causing the most damage to people’s body image are advertisements and social media. Adolescents from ages 13 to 18 are those affected the most due to the media’s messages. Although teenage girls are known to be the group damaged predominately by the media’s messages, recent research shows that teenage boys are also at risk of gaining a negative body image due to these messages.
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