The Devil's Thumb And Everest Comparison Essay

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The Devil’s Thumb and Everest were both memoirs of two men conquering mountains. The Devil’s Thumb was written Jon Krakauer. Everest was written by Erik Weihenmayer. They both tell a story about climbing mountains but from different perspectives. They both have their own organizational structure. The authors also have their separate choice of tone and voice. The Devil’s Thumb and Everest are great memoirs and both have a lot in common and a lot of differences. Jon Krakauer’s perspective in The Devil’s Thumb is that he likes and dislikes it. He likes that he made it even though everyone said he couldn’t. “Back in Boulder, without exception, every person with whom I’d shared my plans about the Thumb had been blunt and to the point: I’d been…show more content…
Erik Weihenmayer was positive and staying extra positive. He was like that because he was blind and felt like he was a major set back. Weihenmayer always tried to go as fast as possible so he can make it to the top without being to much of a setback because of is blindness. He also helped his team stay calm and focused when they were getting tired and irritated. The Devil’s Thumb is Jon Krakauer telling his memoir in flashbacks. Krakauer starts his memoir with “ By the time I reached the interstate I was having trouble keeping my eyes open.” His statements are in the past tense that is how we know he is telling it from past events. He uses great verbs to keep the readers attention and to keep them following the story. He starts us off with him going somewhere while he was tired which makes the reader question where is he going. On the other hand, Everest by Erik Weihenmayer was written in chronological order. Weihenmayer starts his memoir with, “ We left our tents a little before 9:00 pm on May 24.” He starts us off on the first day of his quest to conquer the Mount Everest. The author takes us day by day till he makes it to the top and back down. He also tells us about the critics later on when everyone found out a blind man conquered Mount
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