The Domino Theory Accidents

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Chapter 2

Herbert Heinrich (2012) suggested that the domino theory accidents are result from a chain of sequential events such as when one of the dominoes falls, it triggers the next one and continuously, but removing a key factor such as unsafe conditions and acts can prevent the start of chain reaction. Frank Bird (2007) improved Loss control theory and he states that the inception of accidents are lack of management controls and poor management decisions such as responsibility and control management. According to Dianne Parker (2007) that the driving errors, violations and accidents involves which identified a three-fold typology of aberrant driving behaviours such as absent-minded behaviour, posing no threat
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Breen says that even the most experienced drivers can make human errors on the road which makes it important to always remind yourself of the human factors that can cause accidents. Human factors in car accidents can also include distractions, following too closely, cell phones, failing to stop, sick, speed, tired and falling asleep. According to Firenzie’s Theory (2008), this theory is based on interaction among three components: person, machine and environment. Human variables of information, decisions, and perception of risks combine with machine hazards and environmental factors affecting the likelihood of an accident. Moreover, Hanafiah (2016) states that most of the major accidents are caused by human errors. There are many inconsiderate and reckless drivers who drive too fast without caring the interest of other road users. Worst still, there are irresponsible drivers and not bothering the safety of other road users and these include those driving heavy vehicles such as container, timber lorry, express bus and many more. Hanafiah also says that there are some cases of accidents because of poor road…show more content…
Industrial accidents are typically shows individually while traffic crashes exist in large numbers and need to generalise for the purpose of road safety policies. In corresponding with the work of Reason, Hollnagel has developed the Cognitive Reliability and Error Analysis Method (CREAM) where an accident is defined as an unsuccessful interaction between the person, technology and organisation. It identifies a critical event that is the single instant precursor to the

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