The Economic Causes Of Child Labor

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One of the massive problems in the world that is facing today is child labor. Child labor refers to the working children that prevent the children for their childhood, meddles for their capability should go to general school, and that is mentally, physically, socially unsafe and hurtful. Child labor also played a very serious role in the past where young children at the age of five they were forced to work in the factories and another careers with a very low payment. They worked as they were slaves. Itani (2009) noted, “We need to realize when dealing with the issue of child labor we have to recognize that it cannot be eliminated, as quickly as is aspired due mainly to its complexity and structural causes. It’s critical to deal with the supply factors of child labor, mainly because of the economic situation of the family, and the quality of the schooling system.” this article will start by investigating the causes of child labor , after that it will show its effects on working children and at last will offer an answer for this problem. Firstly, poverty may be main the purpose behind child labor. Most of the children work to guarantee the survival of their families and themselves. According to Fors (2010), there are two types of poverty: survival poverty, and poverty from claiming chance. Survival poverty eludes of the case the place and family may be thus poor that it cannot meet subsistence without resorting to

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