The Fall Of Rome: The Darks Ages

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Rome is primarily popular for their incredible achievements and superiority during the Roman Empire. Alexander the Great created a policy of Hellenization and established a world in which it has been incredibly easy for Christianity to spread. Alexander could give a speech before a group of people and they reacted in a way that was explosive, allowing an opportunity for the commands of Alexander the Great to move feverishly. In the society of the first Christians, the external forms of government and management of business along with their staff consisted of those of the Roman Empire. Its cultural roots are surrounded in a different world overall. The way the society thought and spoke, their dreams, hopes, ambitions and worries encompass…show more content…
During the early church, Rome is often known as a place of wealth, power and women. Consequently, Rome became particularly attractive to a society known as the Barbarians. There were major gaps within Rome’s defense system, which made it easy for the Barbarians to invade it. Therefore, the Barbarian culture blended with Rome’s culture. Rome thrived in the east, but began to transform in the west. The Dark Ages became prevalent in Europe during the fall of Rome. The Darks Ages embraces a culture that exists during a time of violence and…show more content…
Some individuals consider Peter as the first bishop of Rome. Jesus tells Peter, “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it” (Matt 16:39 NIV). The conditions of Christianity were becoming undesirable, and Christian Kings were consistently at war with one another. The early rise of papal power corresponds to the rise of disorder within their society. Papal desired to assert and centralize power in Europe so they could grow in size, scope and power of the church. Pope Gregory the Great noticed the ancient buildings are in ruins the city walls were in despair. Water supply and sanitation were broken down and he began negotiations with the

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