The Fall Of The JC Penney Company

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Normally JC Penney promotes from within and was successful with this for years. Subsequently, as profits continued to fail they decided to take a risk and hire from outside the organization. JC Penney was seeing a significant downfall in revenue for three years and knew in order to keep the company alive they needed to go in a new direction (Tichy, 2014). In 2011 Ron Johnson was appointed the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Johnson was known as the “retail superstar” known for turning around Target and Apple by applying a more modern day model that made these companies incredibly successful. Johnson was the only CEO for only seventeen months and had big bold plans that at the time sounded great however; in due course he failed miserably (Tuttle, 2013). Johnson was supposed to be the savior that would breathe new life into the company that was initiated in April of 1902.
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As we have discussed in class that change is inevitable furthermore, subordinates that trust their leaders will accept change and follow them in the direction that is best for the company. Ellison is going to have implement change slowly to allow employees and consumers the chance to adapt and not feel overwhelmed. Ellison is going to have to focus up front on representing himself with a team management style that allows him to accomplish work with committed people that have the organizations purpose first. Once this goal is accomplished and JC Penney is on the incline Ellison can switch to a more middle of the road management style that allows him to step back and focus his energy on the necessities of running the business additionally, also finding time to interact with his employees (Northouse, 2016, p. 77). This management style will need to be used when JC Penney is

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