The Federalist Party: The First Political Party Led By Alexander Hamilton

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The Federalist party was the first political party of the United States, led by Alexander Hamilton. Alongside Hamilton stood John Hay and James Madison, their focus was to create a decentralized government in attempt to manage the debt and tensions succeeding the American Revolution. The leading Federalist are well known and recognized for their support of the Constitution, many believe that the Federalist party should have opted to be identified as the “Nationalist” to better suit their form of government. The Federalist party were supported by national level men including Benjamin Franklin, they had well organized articles printed to support the plan of government the Constitution would establish, known as the Federalist Papers. The Federalist party believed the Constitution was well addressed without the Bill of Rights, they felt as if changing the Constitution after already being formally approved by several states could incite complication and misinterpretation. Three years after the ratification of the Constitution, ten amendments were approved to satisfy Anti-federalist. …show more content…

They believed the Constitution threatened their personal freedom and sovereignty of the states. They felt threatened instead of instead of protected. The Revolution War had concluded, and the American colonies had found themselves free of Britain. The Anti Federalist believed that the Constitution had comparable characteristics of the tyranny of Great Britain, which they fought so hard to remove themselves from. The Anti-federalist focused on power among the individual states and believes that common people should be able to be participants of their own

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