The First Stone Essay

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The book “The First Stone by Don Aker shows the changing of one's identity, the story of Reef and how he began to change his identity to become a better person in society. To begin, during the beginning of the book Reef starts out on the streets with his friends throwing rocks over a highway and scaring people, showing the reader that Reef at this point was someone who had a bad identity, didn’t really care about anything and was involved with bad people and activities. “He launched it over the busy highway below them” (Aker, 3). This is the first scene which helps the reader understand the type of character Reef originally was from the start of the book in order to show the comparison between his identity now and then his identity at the …show more content…

The book “The First Stone” by Don Aker demonstrates the importance of Identity. Your identity is sculpted by their interactions you have with your environment. Depending on where and how you were raised makes your unique identity. Firstly, in the book Reef began as a tough and not caring individual who was involved with drugs and criminal acts. The reason for his identity and personality to be like this was because of his family life, his grandfather abused him and he was also very poor. This is evidence that describes how living in a bad environment is what can make a person have a negative identity or to act a certain way. Furthermore, your personal identity is very important and at times may not be up to you to create, but your life and your success heavily relies on it. Whether or not you will have a good job and life ahead can depend on your identity because your perspective and views are what guide you to do things. An example of identity leading to success in a person’s life is Bill Gates who is the richest man in the world. Bill Gates did not grow up in a bad environment, he didn’t do drugs and illegal things and was instead very determined. His identity helped him get to where he is now, compared to other people who got nowhere do their negative identity which led them to not

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