The Five Causes Of The French Revolution

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One interesting fact about the French Revolution is that during this time, France was in an economic, fiscal, and agricultural crisis and the middle class was suffering a financial injury. Because of it, they were living in a period of great hunger and who used to eat average two pounds of bread each day passed for a shortage of it. This deficit was due to the high cost of flour that skyrocketed because of the economic mismanagement of Louis XVI. It was one of the disagreements with the people, but not the unique. The French Revolution had four stages, five causes, and two effects. As you read this essay, you will see that the dissatisfaction of the population against the administration of their government is the main reason to generate a revolution. The primary stage of the French Revolution was The Tennis Court Oath. This stage was when the members of the third state decided to remain united into the interest of forming a constituent assembly and created the French constitution. At this part happened the Storming of Bastille …show more content…

Those ideas were crucial in this revolution since those were the ones that took out people of the dark ages. The Enlightenment was the period in which people started to figure out things for themselves and where they began to question the papal dogmas. Finally, let’s get to our fifth and last cause. Let’s find out more about it! Other revolutions mainly the American Revolution influenced the French Revolution. The American Revolution happened right before the French Revolution in about the 1600s. Since this revolution was glorious, and the French people saw it happening they got some ideas from it. If the American Revolution was robust enough to take out the British army from America and they were successful, why they could not make the same thing with the nobles? So, they did, and with it, they created the reign of terror while they did not have a democratic

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