The Ghost Bird By Bobbie Pyron Analysis

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It is predicted that within three years, 75% of books will be sold online and only 25% in brick and mortar bookstores(mediaworks).Bobbie Pyron the author of “Finding Boo” put the fountain of youth in his story which is make believe but the author of “The Ghost Bird” Roland Smith put the endangered Ivory Billed woodpecker in his story.“The Ghost Bird” and “Finding Boo” have similarities and differences like conflict and the setting.
One similarity between “The Ghost Bird” and “Following Boo” is the conflict.Both stories have the same point of view.In “The Ghost Bird” Mr. Tanner says that he had seen the ivory-billed woodpecker and everyone in town thinks he 's crazy,but hannah the one telling the story is trying to help Mr. Tanner find the bird.On …show more content…

Tanner’s house trying to help Mr. Tanner find the Ivory-billed woodpecker and this creates the mood of hopeful.On page 27, it said”When she got home that night,covered in mud,exhausted,her neck sore from looking up all day,she told her family she was giving up.Gills ever give up Hannah’s father said...we will help you Hannahs mother said”(smith). This confirms that hannah won’t stop looking for the ivory-billed woodpecker because Gills never give up.Then Hannah’s family will help hannah to look for the woodpecker to so that Mr.Tanner can have his property protected. In contrast,In “Following Boo”,Nathan goes inside the woods tripping and and getting cut by the things around him but then the cut on his foot disappears when he puts his foot in a stream,this creates a mood of interested.An example is “Let’s go, I finally told Boo.And that’s when I noticed it:The skin on my feet was completely healed-new as baby’s skin.How could that be possible?I shivered”(pyron).Based on this evidence the setting creates the mood interested because from that detail Nathens foot got healed as new as baby’s skin. That would interest someone because skin does not heal out of nowhere. In conclusion, these two stories have setting that creates two different moods.
Therefore, “The Ghost bird” and “Following boo” have similarities and differences.Both stories main characters have man vs self conflict in these stories.These two stories differ because the setting makes two different moods .Theses stories may have similarities and differences but it has the same equality in interesting and

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