The Girl Who Was Supposed Die Essay

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What would you do if you woke up from being unconscious and realized you didn’t know where you were, how you got there or even who you were, and your brutally injured? All you know is that two men want you dead. You would probably fight for your life, just like Candace Scott (she was known as Cady in the beginning of the book then begins to be known as
Candance). The Girl Who Was Supposed Die by April Henry is about a teenage girl, who wakes up with all of her memories gone and finds herself in a cabin with two men who plan to kill her. She discovers that she is missing fingernails and she has taken quite a beating. While one of her captors decides to return to Portland, the other drags her out back to finish her off. To save her life she knocks her captor out, takes his gun, wallet, and cell phone, and then gets into his car, and …show more content…

While there, Elizabeth reveals that she really isn’t Candace's aunt. At this point one of the men that hurt Candace shows up. Candace learns that his name is Michael Brenner. Seeing the man causes Candace to gain all her memories back, and she remembers that Brenner had said that he killed her little brother, Max. She breaks his arm and she and Ty gets possession of a gun and tie both Elizabeth and Michael up. She learns that Max is really alive and the human remains in the burned down cabin were not from a human, but were from a chimp. Candace figures out that her parents left her a message. This was a major defining moment for the main character because this is the moment where Candace learns the truth about her what was happening and all the answers to her questions.

If I had to give this novel a grade, I would give it an A+. The Girl Who Was Supposed To Die deserves an A+ because this book is filled with compelling details. This book also contains mystery, drama, suspense, and so much

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