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A small town with a big secret. Seventeen year old Kendall Fletcher has lived on a farm in the tiny town of Cryer’s Cross since she was little. A town where everyone knows everyone. Kendall has a great life. Mainly due to her amazingly sweet and attractive boyfriend Nico and to the school 's football team, the only distraction she has to forget about her OCD. But things start changing when mysterious Jacian arrives in town with his sister Marlena. Nico starts acting unusual until one day he disappears completely. This was not the first missing person’s case in Cryer 's Cross. A year ago Tiffany Quinn, a sophomore from Kendall’s school went missing. The sheriff, along with the majority of the townsfolk, were never able to find her body. Kendall is distraught, when she finds something very peculiar: Nico and Tiffany sat in the same desk in school. Kendall starts to sit in Nico’s desk to …show more content…

I thought the everyday lives of the characters in the book were very realistic. Kendall 's OCD added a lot depth to her personality that made her really come alive, almost being able to know what she was feeling. Her confusion over Nico and her mixed feelings about Jacian also felt very real. In today’s society, I feel that the idea OCD has very negative thoughts and opinions. McMann made this condition useful in her novel. It’s great knowing that a disorder can be a life saver rather than being looked down upon. I also think the introduction of OCD in Kendall Fletcher showed us that we all have characteristics as human beings. We are all different. Sometimes the things that people perceive as flaws are still beautiful; and that the unique qualities that each of us possess can teach us something that we never knew before. I absolutely loved this book. The story really sucked me in, and I loved the idea of a small town with such a big secret. Kendall is a strong female character who is driven to the very end. The twist is unexpected and

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