The Giver By Lois Lowry: Has The Community Done Wrong?

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Has the community done wrong? In the book The Giver, a young boy lives in a very restrictive society that is different from the community people know today. He realizes there is more to the world than he is exposed to, and he fights against it. In the dystopian novel, The Giver by Lois Lowry, the elders eliminate color, love, and personal freedom which provides both positive and negative impacts for the individuals and the community as a whole. In the story, the elders or leaders of the community eliminate color, love, and personal freedom. There are many reasons why the elders did this. First, they didn't want people to make wrong choices. This is because they felt the community would be safer with people having choices already made for them. Safety is another reason why they took away color, love, and personal freedom, Safety is a big deal to the community. The chief elders want their people to be safe and to live healthy lives. Sameness is the last key reason. Sameness means that they want everyone to have the same house, bed, rooms, shoes, clothes, hair, etc. The chief elders felt that they should accomplish this by eliminating color, love, and personal freedom. …show more content…

One of these impacts is safety. In this community, the people have many safety rules that they must follow like staying home at night if hurt must tell and get medicine, and medicine is also provided to anyone who needs it. In the story, we are told that the people of this community must follow these rules or else they will be released which is another name for killing. This means that people will have no pain physically or mentally. Another reason is sameness. Sameness means that everyone gets the same house, food, bike, etc. For this reason, people do not eager to fight or have

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