The Giver Dystopian Examples

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The dystopian and utopian writing have many different books and writing pieces. One example of that is the giver. In The Giver by Lois Lowry they give subtle hints about freedom but it's not really there that is an example of dystopian literature. Next,The Giver is an example of dystopian literature because it has government control over everyone in the community. The first example is that everyone has the same bland clothes and the second thing is most of the people don’t know alot about what goes on in the government. The third example is that the citizens in the community think they are free but the real reason they feel that way is because the government gives them subtle hints of choice but then in reality they have basically no choice at all. One example of a choice they have is …show more content…

The Giver fits that description. The reason why the giver fits the description is because it gives off the vibe that it is futuristic because some special people can have powers. It is also in an imagined society or community. Then, The giver also gives off the illusion that the community is perfect. An example of that is when they let the community have a break and most boys and girls have the same hair, clothes and stuff they get for their “birthday” all people born in the same year have the same “birthday” or ceremony. The final reason is to make sure no one looks different because everyone in the community has the same eyes other than the receiver and giver which the book does not state clearly but from information we can conclude that all people with pale eyes have special powers. Finally that is why people with pale eyes have special powers and the Government is a

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