The Golden Cangue Analysis

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Guangzhou Opera House: Ladies Arts Festival is on show!
"The Golden Cangue"
"The Golden Cangue (金锁记)" is a novella by female writer Eileen Chang (张爱玲) and remains one of her most famous works. The story is acclaimed for its delicate and authentic psychological description of women 's conditions in China in the 1920s. The story centers on Cao Qiqiao who marries into a wealthy family. Her husband is the second sick son of the family but she falls in love with his young brother. This forbidden love drives her crazy and upon inheriting a large fortune she becomes obsessed with money and destroying her children 's happiness.

A musical version was adapted by a Hong Kong company and presented in Guangzhou in 2000. The play will return to Guangzhou in March at Huang Hua Gang Theater. The play is directed by Hong Kong award-winning director, Ann Hui (许鞍华) and scripted by Shanghai writer Wang Anyi (王安忆).

Dance Drama: Lan Huahua by China Oriental Song and Dance Troupe
Lan Huahua stands for the long story of tenacity of Chinese nation.
Lan Huahua represents the magnificent poem of indomitable spirit of Chinese sons and daughters. Though beautiful Lan Huahua and handsome Yang Wuwa love each other deeply, they could not be together due to their poverty. At the Spring Festival fair, Zhou Laocai, a rich landlord, saw …show more content…

An equally important aspect of Giorgia’ s burgeoning career as a singer / composer is her role as producer, a rare title for a woman, especially in the classical realm. Giorgia honed her skills under the tutelage of such notable composer/producers as Vangelis ("Chariots of Fire", "Blade Runner", "Alexander") and Craig Leon (Sting, Blondie, Joshua Bell) —in other words, learning from some of the best in both the classical and pop worlds. “ To sing for me is like to pray,” said Giorgia,” It is the easiest way to contact my heart, my soul, the magic and the mysterious inside world. Music is my expression, my research, my friend and the channelling of love and

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