The Good The Borderline: A Literature Review

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Bullying when we hear that word our thoughts are drawn to what society today was labeled a plague. This plague is sweeping through the school systems and causing mayhem where ever it happens to rear its ugly head. Statisticians have noted the increase in the reporting of bullying, this is one of societies rallying points that more incidents of bullying are being reported today then five, ten and even fifteen years ago. Some see this as a cause from violent video games others say it is caused because it is seen as a normalcy in school. But there are they who say that that the increase in the reporting of bullying is a misnomer, a mistake, a case of seeing a shadow at sunset and guessing height. Not only that they are backing it up with sufficient data …show more content…

While in The Good the Bad the Borderline: Separating Teasing from Bullying by Mills, Carwile and Muckeroy they state that bullying in today’s society is simply a misinterpretation of teasing. (2009) Both of these thesises come towards the same point but how they come to be there is completely different. But because of these difference it can be seen how they relate to each other. In The Good the Bad the Borderline the authors break down teasing into what place it has in our society today. In fact, they have to argue the fact that is has a place in society at all because of the connotation it has with being associated with bullying, which is unacceptable. Their first point is that there is a difference between bullying and teasing. That being that teasing either has minimal amounts of aggression or none at all as opposed to bullying where aggression takes many forms. (2009) The point that they make is thus, that kids today are having issues identifying which is which. It has come to a point where even when the child is not hurt they will “tell on” their peer.

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