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The gospel of Mark, as the book with which this research is concerned is commonly known as the first of the Gospels to be written. From a historical point of view, Mark, being the oldest of the Gospels, is the most reliable, the reason for which is not merely that it is closer in point of time to the events than in the other Gospels. Although, the Gospel of Mark has been criticized for being overly simplistic and thus inferior to Mathew and Luke but it is far from the truth and more recent scholarship has shown both Matthew and Luke’s dependence on Mark as a source. However, Mark’s compact style, far from being inferior, highlights the urgent message of its author and thus leads to its power. It is the most action packed and succinct of the four Gospel accounts. Its central and fast paced themes punch us with clarity. It moves quickly to make its point that Jesus is the suffering servant king who came to establish his kingdom on earth. Thus, as part of explicating the background of Marks gospel, firstly, attention shall be paid to the Gospel of Mark as a New Testament book, the characteristics, purpose, and finally conclude with the contribution of Mark’s gospel.
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Clearly, Mark implied that faithfulness and obedience as a disciple of Jesus will inevitably result in opposition, suffering, and perhaps death. This emphasis would have ministered to the original readers who were undergoing persecution for their faith. It is a perennial need in pastoral ministry. It is interesting that the theme of suffering is strong in Peter's first epistle, too. Evidently this was a subject that lay heavily on Peter's heart. Mark also wanted his Gentile Christian readers to be good servants of God and other people. Therefore he devoted much attention to Jesus' training of the Twelve for

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