The Great Debaters Summary

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The Great Debaters 1) What does Dr. James Farmer, Sr. mean when he said, “When I was a child I spoke as a child, but when I became a man, I put away all childish things?” Focus, drive, and passion, comes from maturity and growth. Children are still learning to come into themselves as emerging young adults. One attribute of becoming an adult, is being capable of solving your own problems. Children often look to others to do this for them and I have seen many adults struggle with putting these “childish things” away. I think that Dr. James Farmer, Sr. was implying that in order to evolve and be the best version of themselves, they must take that leap into adulthood. 2) In the opening sequence and the commencement speech that serves as …show more content…

Does this film challenge the way we traditionally view our world today? This film has profound values that depict community, unity, and solidarity. These struggles are easy to leave behind in textbooks and not truly be understood. I believe the film points out a correlation between the struggle of the African Americans then and the issues of today. Society during the Jim Crowe era exhibited a lack of sympathy for the African Americans in the form of fear and hate. Complacency in society inhibits change. 6) Foreshadowing adds dramatic tension to a Narrative or story. Writers/Screenwriters use foreshadowing to create suspense and anticipation and/or to convey information about what is to come later. Foreshadowing can also refer to a phrase or words that can set the stage or provide a hint of what is to unfold. Provide an example about how foreshadowing is used to suggest the thematic content and outcome of the story. The scene where James Farmer Jr. creeps up to the barn where the sharecropper’s meeting is being held. There is some foreshadowing that he is going to be seen and they are going to have some trouble of sorts. The music as well as the lighting indicate a

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