Triple Threat Armory: A Comparative Analysis

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With their sneakers squeaking against the dark concrete floors, two children nearly knock over a netted box containing a mountain of colorful bouncy balls, with a white label with large black font championing Wal-Mart’s everyday low price of $2.50. Shopping carts clang as patrons place plastic water bottles among their discount bulk groceries. Rows of bicycles line the aisles, stacked behind paralleling brightly colored aisles, flowing with LEGOs and Barbie dolls— a culmination creating every child’s dream. Buckets of baseballs stack the shelves alongside helmets and brown leather mitts. Parallel to this, a section labeled “outdoor games” contains a bright turquoise Ariel The Little Mermaid floaty and snorkel set that contrasts against the…show more content…
Besides that, the second most glaring was both the number and variety of guns. After asking if they had a favorite type of gun, one of the men grumbled from his corner, “yeah, about twenty of them.” The other man, being the friendlier of the two, smiled looking over at the woman behind the counter saying “yeah, me and Tammie over here got expensive taste,” walking over to one end of the counter, pointing out a row with the label “Sig Sauer.” After joking that I can relate since I too have expensive taste, but in clothes, they laughed, with the man responding “you sound just like her sister. She loves her Coach purses.” Further amused by my lack of knowledge, they laughed after asking them if you need a license to buy pepper spray. “You don’t even need a license for a gun around here,” they responded. Following this, they looked at me as if I was an alien after I explained that in my hometown of Cambridge, Massachusetts, you need a permit to carry pepper spray. “Well, then how do you protect yourself?” the woman asked in a concerned tone. “I guess we
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