The Hobbit Book Vs Movie

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The Ugly Mistake There is a book-based movie that while it wasn't identical to the book the movie should have had most things pretty similar to the book. The book is called The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien and is about a hobbit taking his first adventure with one wizard and 13 dwarves to get the dwarves´ gold back which was stolen by a dragon a while back. Along the way the hobbit faces challenges which he overcomes to in the end become a hero. This is what the director, Peter Jackson had to envision to create the trilogy of the book.There were two specific changes to a major scene where Bilbo meets Gollum, which are the way the hobbit found the ring and Gollum´s mood throughout the scene, because of the changes the movie wasn’t effective against the book …show more content…

As an example of this we have when the author states,¨´Chesnuts, chesnuts, chesnuts,´ he hissed. ´Teeth! Teeth! My preciosss i but we has only six!´ Then he asked his second...¨(Tolkien 74). We see the happy side of gollum in this small portion of the riddles. After he gets the answers right he´s cheering in his own way and in our mind we envision him being in an excited tone while saying that in the movie scene. He seems excited and even makes it seem like he’s smiling when saying those words. This is to make us feel bad for him. An example of him always being vicious is when the movie has the scene where Gollum kept disappearing from Bilbo (Jackson). This makes the audience annoyed how he is just being vicious the whole time. This makes us forget that for some time Gollum was actually a normal being and then grew out of society. But when we see him being mean and seeing him not having any humanity whatsoever makes us want to get rid of him. In overall this scene just doesnt make us see what J.R.R Tolkeins intentions

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