The Giver Book Vs Movie

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The book and movie, “The Giver”, have many similarities ,but also many differences. Jonas is the main character and he is very daring and brave. One way he is daring and brave is because he risked his life, Gabe’s life, and The Giver’s life just so he could run away and have the memories go back to The Community. The Giver is very helpful because he helped Jonas create the plan to run away and have the memories return to The Community. Fiona is very loving and caring because no matter what happened, she would help anybody that needed help such as Jonas, the Old, Asher, and many more. In the movie, though, not everything was relevant to what had happened in the book. Therefore, the book and movie have many differences, but also many similarities. …show more content…

In the book Fiona did not know Jonas was leaving, but in the movie Fiona did know that he was leaving. Nobody besides Jonas and The Giver knew that Jonas was leaving in the book. In the movie, though, Fiona, Asher, and The Head Chief of Elders found out that Jonas was leaving. Now, I do understand that the directors and movie crew had to fit in as many details as they could from a one hundred and eighty paged book in two hours so they could not fit in every detail but they added too many different things in. In the book there was not even the slightest thought of releasing Fiona ,but in the movie they decided to add in an irrelevant detail about them trying to release her to “Elsewhere”, The Giver was the only one who wanted to be released so that he could see his daughter, Rosemary, again. So, I think the movie team could have done a lot better on the movie than they actually did.
To conclude, the book and movie, “The Giver”, have many similarities but also many differences. The movie crew tried to stay true to the story, but did not really accomplish it. There were way too many differences such as, the characters were older and did not look how I pictured them to look in my head, they could not add in extra details from the book, but they could add in irrelevant ones. Therefore, that made more differences than there had to be between the book and the

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