Differences Between The Giver Book And Movie

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It’s Not The Same Thing? A movie based on a book can have many similarities and differences. The book, The Giver is written by Lois Lowry while it was also made into a movie by director Phillip Noyce. While both the book and the movie both have the same characters, such as Jonas, the Giver, Asher and Fiona, there are many other similarities and many differences in the book and the movie. While many people think that the book, The Giver, is fairly similar to the movie, others think that it actually has many differences. The book does not only have similarities and differences but also has a message to the watcher and the reader. Everyone and everything is different, including many books and movies. In The Giver there are many differences, …show more content…

One similarity they both share is that the job given to Jonas, The Receiver of Memory, has the same meaning to it as it does in the book. The whole book and movie is about Jonas becoming The Receiver of Memory and his world having sameness, which is also another similarity. Sameness is a huge problem in both the book and the movie. Without sameness the two would be entirely different. In both the book and the movie, Jonas tried to stop sameness from happening. The real meaning of sameness in The Giver is when everybody in the world is exactly the same. Without sameness the entire plot would change. With sameness no one gets choices or gets to have opinions. One last similarity is that all the characters in the movie are the same as the book. When characters are different it may change certain things that happen in a book which can be good but can also be bad. Similarities in a book and movie occur and when they do they show that they are needed to keep the same plot and message of the author or director is trying to tell …show more content…

Although, the author is also making the book for entertainment they are also trying to tell us something. Both the book and the movie gave us the same message. This message of both the novel and the film is to be different. Being the same is boring but being different makes people unique. By showing sameness they are showing how everything in Jonas’ world is boring and when it’s different people are happier and

Gerchick 3 the world is a better place. Nowadays everyone is different and there was never such thing as sameness. People sometimes try to be someone they 're not because they want to be as smart as someone is or as fashionable as someone is but the truth is that everyone is different and it’s ok to be different. In The Giver Lois Lowry and Phillip Noyce are trying to tell us this message.
Similarities and differences in a book always occur and you may never be able to catch them. These similarities and differences do not change the message they are trying to tell us. It is important to understand both similarities/differences and the message of the two because it helps determine why they changed things and kept things the same. So, whenever you read a book and then watch the movie try and catch if the message is the same and if you notice anything

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