The Hollow Pumpkin Patch: A Short Story

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The glowing pumpkin glowed brighter as the knife got closer. The reason is that that pumpkin came from a pumpkin patch,but this pumpkin patch wasn't regular. The pumpkin came from The Hollow Pumkin Patch where all pumkins are all cursed. So one day Mary Louis went to The Hollow Pumpin Patch ( but she didnt know about the curses) She picked the biggest pumkin and left. On her way back she saw her freind Emily Courville. Emily asked, "Where did you get that pumkin from"? "The Hollow Pumpkin Patch" Mary replied. Emily drop everything she had and ran she dissapeered on the corner. "Weird", Emily mumbled. But she did not know why Emily ran ,it was because she knew that pumpkin was cursed and knew exactly what will happen. After Emily dropped all her stuff Mary relized that thet had a pumpkin pie recipe right o the side walk she picked up and ran all the way home. …show more content…

She had all the tools she needed the pie roller,mixing bowl,and a knife. She sat the pupkin on the counter and put on her apron. Then she started lowering the knife the pumkin began to glow it glowed brighter and brighter as she lowered the knife her face was in shock. When she finally decided to cut the piece of pumkin the most horrible thing happened. Knifes started aiming out of nowhere towards Mary stabbing her everywhere few seconds later she lay there dead on the floor. The curse of the Hallow Pumpkin patch was real but she id not know. Just then Emily walked in with flowers she carried Mary to the Hallow pumpkin patch and buried her in the back at the same place where she got her pumkin from, she knew. She placed her flowers on the grave and said, I'll come back when your pumkin

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