Holocaust Reflective Essay

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The Holocaust was one of the worlds most tragic incidents It killed over 6 million Jews and other people that didn’t fit in Hitler 's fantasy world.The Holocaust started in 1933 and ended in 1945 Jews were dying left and right because of what they believe in.The jews felt as if it was the end of the world for them they felt like they were never going to get out .The articles I read were very objective but 1 of them was balanced between objective and subjective that was article 1 it showed how the Holocaust was one of the worst or maybe the worst event in history but it also gave us a perspective on how the people who lived there felt and how they might of reacted.

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The Holocaust was a A horrible time for a lot of people but really living that time must be 100 times worse than it is on paper.Although the text was very objective there were some subjective thing about the text.“We lay in a world of death and phantoms," Levi wrote. "The last trace of civilization had vanished around and inside us.” Levi wrote this because the actually laid in a world of death and phantoms.they were all there would be 3 people in one barrack .Sometimes they would wake up and the person next to them wouldn’t wake up.There was no happiness During the holocaust nobody went to sleep and suspected to live another day people would dream of getting out and eating actual food and waited till that day came most died waiting for that day to come some people were walking to work and then just dropped dead because they couldn’t handle the amount of pressure they were putting on their bodies.The Holocaust was death that is a short sum of it Death everybody around you would die no one would make it out.You would lose your parents and your loved ones.The Holocaust was a massacre that no one will forget.The subjectivity in the text appealed to me more than the objectivity because ina way it sort of helped me feel what the people in the holocaust

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