The House On Mango Street Sedaris Homosexual Quotes

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With this quote, we see how Sedaris and his friends didn’t associate with each other in public because of fear of being drawn attention to. We also see again how Sedaris uses humor to hide his sexuality when he makes the comment that he laughed louder than anyone else when his club member’s clothes were thrown into the toilet. And lastly we see how Sedaris acknowledges other as being homosexuals, or faggots, when he is the one being picked on. In precedence of Sedaris’s trip to Greece for a month long summer camp, he had thoughts of getting a girlfriend. Sedaris says, “I told myself that I would find me a girlfriend in Greece. She would be a French tourist wandering the beach with a loaf of bread beneath her arm. Lisette would prove that I wasn’t homosexual, but a man with refined tastes.” (Sedaris …show more content…

In this quote we see how he wanted to hid and cover up his homosexuality by getting a girlfriend. Sedaris had second thoughts about going to camp and staying in a room full of boys, Sedaris said, “But spending a month in a dormitory full of boys, that was asking for too much. I’d tried to put it out of my mind, but faced with their boisterous presence, I found myself growing progressively more hysterical.” (Sedaris 87). In this quote we see how Sedaris uses humor and hysteria to try and ignore the thoughts of staying with a bunch of boys, and the fact that he would have trouble doing so. Sedaris could have possibly thought that while staying with this group of boys for a whole month, his secret would somehow get out. As mentioned before, Sedaris would do things to try and fit in with the normal guys, like laugh and make fun of homosexuals. Another example of how Sedaris would try to fit in would be to participate in some of the activities that the normal boys would partake in such as stealing. Sedaris says, “My shoplifting experience was the only thing that gave me an edge over the popular boys.” (Sedaris

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