How Did Rosa Parks Impact Society

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The Impact of Rosa Parks Rosa Parks was one of the most influential civil rights activist of her time, she will always have a lasting impact on the U.S society and he legacy will not be forgotten. The definition of a Revolutionary is as follows, “Someone or something that implements radical change within a society; one who steps away from what is ‘ordinary’; one who takes the steps towards change for something that they believe in.” Rosa Parks was more than that, she stands beyond the revolutionary title, Rosa Parks stood up for what she believed in and what she thought was right and helped shape America into what it is today. Rosa Parks was one of the many civil rights activists in the early 1950’s ( staff, 2010). Because of her courageous acts, however she is known as one of the most famous and influential leaders of the civil rights movement ( staff, 2009). She helped …show more content…

She was raised with her whole life in an era where segregation and separation of blacks was just a normal way of life. Rosa was enrolled in the Montgomery Industrial School for Girls where she learned to cook, clean, and sew (Omnics, 2018). All basic needs to take care of a house which was the ideology for women at the time. The whole time at school she was under the control of northern whites and was mistreated (Rosa Parks Ignites Bus Boycott, 2018). At sixteen, however she was forced to quit school to take care of her mother and become the women of the house at the time (Omnics, 2018). According to Omnic’s 2018 article over Rosa Parks, She worked as a clerk and a tailor’s assistant in what little time she had between taking care of her mother and fighting the everyday losing battle of the segregation laws. Rosa met and married Raymond Parks and at the age of twenty-one, went back to high school to acquire her high school diploma ( Staff,

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