The Importance Of Daily Life In The Southern Colonies By Grace Anderson

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Religious freedom in the British colonies was supposed to be on a level of understanding with the different type of beliefs. However, the distinct status of tolerance, economic goal, and political power made it clear that the colonies only relied on what the superior religious leader had to say about their community. Therefore, despite the settlements trying to protect their reputation, the people were learning the truth behind the walls of the church. The New England colony settled away from the Church of England, which was mainly made up of Puritans. The reason that the Puritans arrived to Massachusetts, New Hemisphere, Connecticut and Rhode Island was because they were losing their political power and they were not making any money to …show more content…

In the “Daily Life in the Southern Colonies” by Grace Anderson she talks about how each colony was a safe haven for a specific religion like Maryland for the Catholics. It seems like she was a Catholic because she talks about that religion the most even more than the Anglican. Her article was probably meant for anyone to read because the ways she talks it’s like she wants everyone to recognize the southern colonies as some of the most powerful religions that have ever existed. The purpose of her article was probably to acknowledge how powerful the southern religions were and to make sure that the people had to understand that they did not accept the Puritans. In “Religion in Early Virginia” it talks about the consequences that one had suffered if they did not convert into a specific religion and if they didn’t believe that Jesus was the divine virtue that upheld everyone on the high level. The passage was mainly about what would happen to the people like the Native Americans who resisted the conversion to become Christians. The intended audience was probably for anyone that was coming into one of the southern colonies or was a Native so they could be aware of what would happened to them if they didn’t convert into a specific religion. The writes was probably a part of one of the southern colonies that had believed his religion was superior to any of the other religions in the New England and middle colonies. His diction shows that he took great pride in what he believed in and he seemed like an active leader in his

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