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There was a great concentration on English communication, from many researchers of various studies in the spheres of language sciences and anthropology studies together with philosophy and psychology and their subdivisions, the main aim of these studies was to find the abilities and skills required to achieve a proper communication, and to help the students of English in figuring out the right way to excel at English.
Being at that degree of importance and popularity, English pushes its learners to doing their utmost endeavor to master it, in the purpose of benefiting from its advantages, and David crystal’s categories contain a good source of instructions and guidelines of English learning which aid in achieving that goal, his study includes the rules of using linguistics and, refers to its role along with the role of prosodies and their importance for kids to develop their speaking skills, and this essay seeks to explore these rules and point to the lore that he believed necessary
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(Chomsky, Noam, 1965).
The linguistic competence means what kids hold in their memories and store in their minds unconsciously, what forms a programming system working automatically, while linguistic performance means their actual practice of these words or their real use of the language. (Cook, G., 2000).
He assumes that all the languages have some sorts of blocks and lumps, and all kids instinctively are aware of that problem, however they cannot form sentences by themselves, they need to receive such ability from others, otherwise they would not be able to produce or practice language because their lack of patterns which must be learnt from the

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