The Importance Of Family In Walk Two Moons

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Family is not an important thing. It’s everything. In the whole world, there are many different types of family. The broken ones, the strange ones, the chaotic ones, and the normal ones. In the novel Walk Two Moons, published in 1994, written by Sharon Creech, there are some families, and all of them are different. There is Salamanca’s family, which used to live in Bybanks, Kentucky. Salamanca is the main character of the book, who follows the same journey with her grandmother and grandfather as her mother did before dying. Her mother went on her own journey, and now Sal and her father lived alone. They decided to move to Euclid, Ohio, a big city with no nature around. Sal’s family can be categorized as the broken one. Ben, who was Sal’s classmate and boyfriend by the end of the novel, had a strange family. His mother was sick and needed to be in a psychiatric award and only family was allowed. He went to visit her even though she didn’t notice his presence. Phoebe, who’s one of Sal’s best friend, had a chaotic family. Her mother and her father were …show more content…

His mother was sick and needed to go to a mental hospital. Ben started the novel by just being Sal’s classmate, but by the end, they were more than girlfriend and boyfriend, they had something in common, both of them knew what each other was feeling, because both of them had the same problem, both of them suffered from a problem related to mom. As Ben’s mother had some mental problems, Ben lived with Mary Lou, his cousin. Before Sal and Ben started dating, every time Ben touched her, he noticed that she flinched. Just like Sal, Ben is also suffering. Sal’s mother abandoned her by living to her “own journey” and Ben’s mother abandoned him by being sick and needing to be in a mental hospital. As you can notice, Ben’s family is strange in one way, his mother is a serious mental problem needing to be in a mental hospital and when he goes there she even doesn 't notice that he is

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