Exploring Hope In Sandra Brown's 'Mean Streak'

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When should one surrender? For the reason of hope and not surrender Sandra Brown, Dr. Charles Raison, and Gina Kolata previously wrote why it is important to look forward. They composed their work so it demonstrates the point of view of both the doctor and patient. Hope allows one to obtain an expectation in an unpredictable situation. A doctor should not bear with the tendencies to surrender on a patient. An author named Sandra Brown wrote a novel called Mean Streak, the protagonist, a pediatrician, would not surrender on her goal to save a child. Emory Charbonneau insisted she would help despite an obstacle, “We’re going back to help her” (Brown 115). Moreover, hope has a major effect on a person and their decisions. It is key for an author to be able to spread a message for displaying hope is powerful. Although, occasionally hope can raise the expectation of a person too much. One would be disappointed in the end, if …show more content…

Dr. Raison demonstrates how a patient should never raise their expectations, so they would not disappointed in the end. However, one should never contain too little hope, “Thus, positive and negative thinking must always bring about positive and negative physical results in the real world” (Raison). Dr. Raison has second hand experience with the situation of limiting hope because he experiences it through his patients. For the most part, limiting one’s hope can be beneficial because it does not cause one think too much or too less of the situation. At times, expectations can be difficult to reach. Gina Kolata displays the view of a patient and how hope affects them. From time to time a patient could obtain high expectations, since they are unable to do anything else, “Many patients ask doctors to give them an unproven treatment” (Kolata). Although patients may contain high expectations, they contain low expectations as well. For the most part, a greater number of patients tend to not surrender and pull

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