The Importance Of Leisure Time

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Leisure time is a time where people are free from work and are they can do any activities that they want during that specific time. This period of time can be spent by staying indoors or engaging themselves with outdoors activities. However, today’s generation of young adults prefer staying indoors than outdoor during their free time. According to a new nationwide poll from The Nature Conservancy, only 10 percent of young adults say they are spending time outdoors every day and they only spend time outdoors to play less than 30 minutes in a week (The Nature Conservancy, n.d.). This is because of their lack of interest to play outside during their leisure time and majority of them prefer to stay indoors and play video games, chatting with friends or do their homework rather than going outside. They find that playing outdoors is a hassle even though when they go outside, they will naturally get some exercise done. Yet, they are encouraged to go outside and engage themselves with physical activity on a daily basis because it can help to improve their health and social skills. There are various reasons young adults spending less time outside during their leisure time, it is because of the safety issue, their schedule that is filled with academic activities and the rapid fill of urbanization that is affecting their playing space. Firstly, today’s world has become more unsafe for young adults to go outside and engage themselves with physical activities. Bernama (2015) stated
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