Performance Psychology Reflection Paper

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Performance psychology is an influential field concerning the development of one’s knowledge and execution of skills as well as abilities in order to improve one’s well-being. This practical report will look at how I engaged in activities for the benefit of my well-being and the well-being of others. Throughout the course of the week I participated in rowing. The physical exercise that I performed helped me feel productive and elevated my positive mood. My decision to join rowing for the annual boat race competition was due to the fact that I love the sport and wanted to improve my general well-being. Sport psychology is often viewed in conjunction with performance psychology and researches have shown through the interaction of the mind and…show more content…
It is also concerned with improving one’s happiness and general well-being (Hays, 2012). This allows one to live the greatest life they can. The activities I took part in where centred around these areas (Hays, 2012). Positive psychology rests on the assumption that individuals want to live a life that is meaningful and wish to feel fulfilled. They want to shape themselves in the best image possible and want to illuminate the wonders of love, work and play experienced on a daily basis. Research has shown how a higher sense of well-being can have a positive impact on individuals. They may experience lower levels of stress. Based on the findings above, one can see how rowing helps me keep motivated. I have certain hopes for the future and based on my activity, I feel a greater sense of…show more content…
Firstly, the pleasurable life involves feelings of positive emotions e.g.: joy, amusement. Secondly, engaged life focuses on flow, engagement, absorption and well-being. Lastly, meaningful life focuses on the service given by someone to something higher than themselves. (Hefferon & Boniwell,2011). One can see how there are similarities between the feelings I felt when rowing and giving my friends notes. I felt a sense of flourishing because I had a positive mental state, I wanted to improve my well-being and someone else’s to. With both activities, the pleasurable life qualities were present. I also experienced the meaningful life qualities as I engaged in services that were higher than myself. Rowing is a team sport and so I assisted my team mates by being there as well as myself. When I gave my friend notes I was helping someone else and therefore serving a different
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