The Importance Of Political Science

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Political science is the systematic study of the state, nation, government and its public policies. It deals with the theory and practices of politics and analyses the political systems, processes and behaviour. It is also concerned in addressing some of the core problems faced by the society at large such as in achieving world peace or at a more national level, how to achieve and sustain economic growth and stability.

Why is political science important?

Political science is important because political science is about people. It doesn’t just concerned only the government or the political group who is ruling a particular state or country but every citizen and every man on the street. This is because politics impacts our lives, both directly and indirectly, whether we’re aware of it or not. “To ignore politics, and not get involved in politics would seem rather silly considering that your life is dictated by it.” (Digestible Pol, 2013)

Political science is a broad field that consists of several major subfields, namely:

Comparative Politics
International Relations
Political Economy
Political Behaviour

Comparative Politics

According to Caramani (2014), “Politics is the human activity of making public authoritative decisions.”

So who exactly makes these public decisions? How did they gain the power to make such important decisions for the country? How are these decisions made? Especially in a democratic country like Singapore, how decisions are made is important

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