The Importance Of Reading In Literature

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Consistently, people tell students that reading is critical and is “good” for them; however, do they ever explain why reading is critical? What does reading do except to improve our reading skills? As a small child, we learn the alphabet, then we learn to read, and from that point on, we just continue to improve reading. A common idea is that reading can help develop our knowledge and critical skills throughout our education process; in addition, studies show that reading fiction can improve empathy, awareness, and even our social skills. Many argue, however, that many who read already contain empathy skills and never gain any empathy skills through reading. Another argument is that fiction books do not bring awareness of different events, for fiction books create stories that are far from reality in this world. Nevertheless, using logic and examples, the argument that literature does, in fact, improve our empathy and awareness, are stronger than those who oppose. With this in mind, reading fiction can potentially enhance social skills to students who are more empathetic and aware of the events of the people around them. Through reading literature for school or pleasure, teens have the chance to improve their awareness of the constant challenges that many people face around them; this improving skill can increase the desire to read more literature so that teens have an understanding of the world that they never had before. According to the article “Disturbing (or Not?)

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