Sex Trafficking Essay

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Throughout Atlanta and the enclaves of the surrounding area, sex trafficking is devastating the lives of thousands of women and young girls. With sales on the rise, Atlanta is becoming an epicenter for sex trafficking, with 12,400 men in Georgia paying for sex each month. Atlanta needs to find new ways to put an end to sex trafficking to help improve the lives of thousands of women.
Every month, 374 girls are commercially sold in Georgia, with the average entry age being 12 to 14. The hundreds of young girls that are sold every night, people's sisters and daughters, deserve more out of their lives. Over 71% of trafficked children show suicidal tendencies. This kind abuse leaves the women and young girls scarred for life. And, research shows that the problem centers itself in Atlanta, with 65% of sales in and around suburban and metro Atlanta area, 9% near the airport. …show more content…

No woman or young girl deserves to be treated as property and made to feel like they do not deserve a happy, healthy life. With the power and influence you have as mayor of Atlanta, you could help raise awareness and improve thousands of women's lives. The first steps that need to be taken to fix this problem are from those in power, who need to make it clear that sex trafficking will no longer be tolerated. Hopefully, you will consider what you can do to help these women and better Atlanta as

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