The Importance Of Social Justice

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Social justice can be termed as phenomenon according to which all the masses are equal in the eye of justice irrespective of their economic, political and social status. Many students aspire to become lawyers for the purpose of social justice. They want to help poor, discriminated and needy, who cannot afford the cost of justice.
Unfortunately, the methodology at law schools dilute is enthusiasm of commitment towards the social lawyering. In fact, “research shows that two-thirds of the students who enter law school with intentions of seeking a government or public interest job do not end up employed in that work” [28]. Justice has become a counter cultural thing in the legal profession. Those who practice social justice law end up swimming up-stream in their lives because of the pay inequality and other factors in comparison to their cooperate counterparts. Justice which is termed as a pillar of legal profession, is actually a hoax thing. Everyone knows that real essence of justice is money.
Still, there is some hope left. We can take inspiration from social justice lawyers like Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mary Robinson, Charles Hamilton Houston, Carol Weiss King, Constance Baker Motley, Thurgood Marshall, Arthur Kinoy. These people have made immense contribution for making world a better place.
Social justice is best described by a passage from a speech Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave on April 4, 1967:
“I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world

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