Social Protective Discrimination

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This remark made by the Father of the Nation rightly points out at the concept and need of Equality in the society, equality being the fundamental human right of any human being, which can be at-tained only by removing all caste and class based discriminations in a Country like India wherein certain classes of citizens have been subjected to social, economic and cultural disabilities since time immemorial, owing to the peculiar traditional, historical and social norms prevalents in the society. The Caste system has existed in India for a long time and was the creation of a social practice that later on became a norm of life, with the continuation of inferiority and superiority by reason of ones colour, religion, place of birth, economic …show more content…

Reservation policy used as an instrument of protective discrimination sets quotas of seats in educational institutions, public employment and legislature for the backward classes of citizens. Thus protective discrimination aims at proportionate representation to the underprivileged classes in all the spheres of life to pre-vent concentration of power in the hands of the upper castes or classes as absolute concentration of power, corrupts …show more content…

Howev-er, it is only after Independence that a systematic policy for positive discrimination was implement-ed in India. The groups susceptible to be the beneficiaries of reservation policies are the victims of entrenched backwardness consisting of the Scheduled Castes (SCs), the Scheduled Tribes (STs) and the Other Backward Classes (OBCs). The Scheduled Castes consist the former untouchables and those people or groups of people at the bottom of the caste hierarchy. The Scheduled Tribes or the Adivasis are the tribal or aboriginal population considered to be mostly outside the mainstream society. The Oth-er Backward Classes are those which do not fall within the SCs and the STs, but are considered backward due to their social, educational, political or economic disabilities as opposed to the Ad-vantaged classes of citizens in India, however there isn 't any fixed definition as to who all

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