Similarities Between Han China And Gupta India

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Though many Western civilizations have influenced the way we live our lives today, many forget the progressive movements of early Classical and Contemporary Oriental cultures. Two of these cultures that are still revisited by historians today were the epitome of early Asian civilization and very influential guides for cultures to come. Han China (206 B.C.E.-220 A.D.) and Gupta India (320 C.E.-525 C.E.) were two dynasty-based civilizations in the early conception of Southeastern Asian rule. Though both had a very similar class based society and both had to endure outside invasions as well as internal conflicts, they both had unique, and future utilized, ways of maintaining their rule.
Both of these cultures needed to keep order and stability within their borders to maintain a prosperous society. Han China and Gupta India both implemented a tight social class …show more content…

India put a caste system into effect, judging the appropriate social status of an individual based on their skin tone and familial background. Similar to India, China also set a class system in place, but their version relied on the literacy and intellect of an individual to determine their role in the society. Unfortunately, these class systems did not always please the ones who were on the lower end of the social spectrum and this discontent eventually led to internal strife, weakening the society as a whole. Due to the poor conditions the lower tier were kept at they soon lost love for the government and began to revolt, believing a new government would give them more favorable social

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