The Importance Of The Mexican Border In The US

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The U.S. is very much involved with Mexico and its cross border transaction of goods and services and of worldwide international flow, between the U.S., Mexico and Canada. This was signed in 1994’s, which was called the north American Free Trade Agreement. There are many issues going on at the Mexican border, such as immigrants entering America and not having a place to stay and thinking everything would come to their hands. As the article said “On the US side, the population is predominantly of Spanish origin, young, and poor (35% live under the officially defined poverty level),” this shows that this can affect the American economy in a negative way due to not being able to provide health care and etc. The border population has gowned in Mexico by a lot and is expected to double by year 2020.…show more content…
The AMA has characterized the Mexico border as an infectious disease area. Many people get many dieseses around there such as hepatitis A. The people that live around the border are interdependent meaning they need support from other countries or other people. As this article says, “If globalization is to bridge distances between nations, it could be anticipated that the United States–Mexico border region, where there is intense contact and cultural closeness between the populations on both sides, is a place where the benefits of globalization would easily bear fruit, meaning the truth fullness would come out no matter
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