Kindness In Religion

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through message of love and kindness. It is the church main reason why their behavior of this sort is sown.
The church must seek to bear fruit of love and compassion in the lives of those losing faith in God. Faith is important and powerful in every unexpected situation in anyone’s life here on earth. If the church present itself unrelated to losing faith, how might a person be reach that has lost faith? Obviously, the church cannot give up on reaching the hurting. Time, effort, and presence saves a person in emotional turmoil. The act of providing the necessity of caring in someone’s life opens the blinded mind and eyes closed to God in darkest. The church purpose is to make a difference to believers as well as unbelievers. Tradition has held
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The writer of the book title, Peace Maker records, “Trusting God does not mean that we will never have questions, doubts, or fears. Trusting God means that despite our questions, doubts, and fears we draw on his grace and continue to believe that he is loving, that he is in control, and that he is always working for our good.” In other word, people of God must trust God even when it does not feel good. Furthermore, people of God must find internal peace. Internal peace is a sense wholeness, contentment, tranquility, order, rest, and security. Genuine internal peace cannot be directly obtained through our own efforts; it is a gift that God gives only to those who believes in his Son and obey his commands, (1 John 3:21-24,…show more content…
It is not the time for questioning one’s faith or belief, but simply pray and let God direct one’s words and immediate action. In addition, be confident and competent assuring people of crisis because words and deeds are embedded in a person’s spirit. The Bible records God’s people perish concerning the knowledge of the will of God in their lives, (Hosea 4:6, EVS). It is good to keep an open mind to God’s word being the answer to every form of ministering. Matter of fact, the Bible makes it easy to minister because it exemplifies the trust is in God not human logic or
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