The Importance Of Vocabulary In Education

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Vocabulary has been considered as fundamental in language teaching and learning by many researchers. Vocabulary is an integral part of the language learning process. Little knowledge of vocabulary has an effect on fluency of language learning. As previous experiences indicated vocabulary learning is a major factor in learning a language, mother tongue or second/foreign language. Learning vocabulary in the earlier stages is more essential than grammar. Without vocabulary one would not be able to use functions and structures for efficient communication. This means that without vocabulary knowledge one can communicate nothing but without knowing grammar one can communicate a little (Nunan 1991). Some recent researches have demonstrated that…show more content…
There are so many investigations showing how the internet has been put into practice the foreign language instruction and the impact of computer –assisted instruction on the improvement of reading skill. Ferenz, Levine and, Reves 2000; Cobb, Horst and Nicolae, 2005; Coady, Tozcuand 2004, & Taylor 2009 have investigated vocabulary acquisition. The term vocabulary has a range of meanings. For example, some teachers use the term to signify sight-word vocabularies, referring to students’ immediate recognition of words in print; other teachers refer to words students understand as their meaning…show more content…
Content teachers use the term academic vocabulary to refer to content-specific words. In this paper, we use the term vocabulary to refer to the students’ understanding of oral and written words. Vocabularies include conceptual knowledge of words that goes well beyond a simple dictionary defi¬nition. Students’ vocabulary knowledge is a building process that occurs over a period of time as they make connections to other words. Learn examples of the word and related words, and apply the word accurately within the context or in the sentences (Snow, Griffin, & Burns, 2005).
It is clear that vocabulary is a tool for understanding and comprehending a text. Without understanding or knowing words, the text cannot be understood or interpreted in any way by the students or readers. In other words, if one’s vocabulary domain is poor, meaning of the text or intended message gets lost. A num¬ber of studies have proved that vocabulary domain in young children is a strong predictor for success in later grades: The larger the children’s vocabularies in the primary grades, the greater their academic achievement in the upper

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