The Importance Of Wedding Music

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Mass being considered one song in its entirety, allows the life cycle ceremony of marriage to have a closer connection with God and a deeper understanding of the sacred mysteries being celebrated in the Catholic Church. Through the chants, hymns sung and carefully chosen musical pieces, the music does not detract from the sacrament being performed, but rather enriches it and is a vital part to the wedding mass. Quality instrumentation is considered a necessity to expose the beauty of the love being celebrated while popular wedding fads must often be discarded as they distract the congregation from a prayerful response to what they are witnessing. While every mass is sung, the importance of the music in the sacrament of marriage is particularly…show more content…
Religious music is considered to have come from an individual member of the church and is a longing for God while liturgical music comes from Christ himself and is Him reaching out for the congregation. This extends into music outside of the church as well, thus, popular wedding choices such as Mendelssohn’s Wedding March and Wagner’s Bridal Chorus are not allowed in a traditional Catholic wedding. Because these two pieces stem from a farcical setting, they take the focus away from the center of what the wedding ceremony is about, which is the sacrament itself. Another side to choosing music is that the subject of hymns chosen cannot be just about every day Catholic worship and beliefs, but based on the sacrament of marriage – in other words, the music must celebrate how the couple are giving each other themselves completely. Following the purpose in that music is supposed to supply a deeper understanding of the words sung, the music chosen cannot distract from the ceremony and thus popular wedding fads are discarded and music is chosen with pastoral advice in order to bring the congregation closer to one another and closer in prayer to God. The love being celebrated and the Eucharist being received, as it is in every…show more content…
From daily masses to days of holy obligation, or certain dates that require the devout to attend a special mass for important religious holidays such as Easter, music is vital to the Catholic Church. Mass in itself is considered to be one large song and with prayers sung by the priest and congregation, this music allows the words sung to reveal the true meaning of the sacred mysteries that cannot be understood in words alone. Through singing, besides allowing for more understanding of the word of God, brings the congregation together as one to worship as community is an important aspect of Catholicism and a reason it is considered a sin to skip Sunday Mass. This communal characteristic of Catholicism, in combination with a musical liturgical worship, creates a wedding with the focus being centered on the sacrament being performed with the support of the community around the couple, and unveiling the mysteries of God that can otherwise be not

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