The Importance Of Women's Education

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Imagine that you have to wake up early, when the sky is still dark and the whole village is still silent. After cooking for your whole family, you need to walk for 4 hours to get to school on time, with no drinkable water or food. After all of that, you finally arrive home and your parents tell you that you are no longer going to school because they can no longer afford to pay your tuition. Although you are exhausted, you are devastated because you know that education can help you succeed and have a better life. While we are in this classroom, both safe and comfortable, there are still sixty-five million girls worldwide, working in the freezing weather or begging in the streets to make a living. While thirty-one million girls drop out of school after they finish primary school, there are still seventeen million girls who never receive the opportunity to even begin school. Though an increasing number of organizations and people have taken steps towards ensuring the girls go to school, there are still a lot of girls in this world not receiving an education. They are getting no formal education at all. No reading, no writing. Why does this happen? Good morning, Mr. MacPherson and fellow classmates. Today, I want to talk to you about women’s education. This is not only providing the girls with the opportunity to get to the school, but also giving them freedom from being oppressed by their families and the pressure from society. All women have the right to receive an
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