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A world without education would not have Great Expectations.
“Around the world 59 million children of primary school age are being denied an education, and almost 65 million adolescents are without access to a secondary school,” (Doc 6). The education received throughout a childhood determines how the future will be for the new generation. Because so many people do not have an education, when they get older, it is damaging their life and the world as a whole. People are denied an education because of where they live, who they are, and how much money they have. In the Victorian Era, for most kids it was a money issue. Less than half the population could not read or write and many children died before they became adults. In the Great Expectations, Pip and many children he lived near had this problem. Although Pip became a gentleman he struggled for he did not receive the proper education for his future. As a child, Pip had the best education he could have. Apprenticeships were a way for poor children to gain hard-working and fair paying jobs. “A master or mistress of a trade would train a young person so that they could earn his living at that trade. Apprentices were kids who would be given a chance at a better life, but they also profited their masters,” (Doc 1). Besides an apprenticeship Pip and other children during the time went to …show more content…

In Great Expectations, Estella and Drummel married leaving them both to live in a fancy house and taken care of by servants for a portion of their lives. Even when Drummel died Estella was still able to take care of the debts and still not have to work. “‘The ground belongs to me. It is the only possession I have not relinquished. Everything else has gone from me little by little, but I have kept this. It was the subject of the only determined resistance I made in all the wretched years’,” (page

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